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Why work with us?

Quite simply because we offer the best value recruitment services in the telecoms industry.

Our contractors benefit from rebated fees and higher rates and our end clients see the benefit of reduced fees all round.

We also offer enhanced day rates for contractors for their second year onwards, as well as fantastic ‘refer a friend’ fees.

It is not just contractors that benefit from working with us, end clients can also take advantage of our unique pricing model

Client example –

Reduced up-front fee, even zero in certain cases.

Reduced monthly service fee based upon contract volume and rate.

No ‘hidden’ charges

Cyber Security

Via selected partners we provide qualified Cyber Security professionals on projects worldwide.

We work hard to ensure that the candidates we put forward as suggestions to fill your vacancy or assist with your project, are of the highest calibre and we will be in touch with you on a regular basis throughout the hiring cycle.

We do not just send CVs in the hope that they may or may not fulfil your exact requirements. Our candidates’ CVs are closely vetted and references checked before we will accept them into our system.

Our stringent initial fact find ensures that we completely understand your needs and requirements thus streamlining the whole process for you.

Primary roles available include:

  • Sales Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • API Integration Engineers and many more.

If you are looking for a role now or would just like to be considered in the future, please send your CV today.

recruitment consultancy

Why use us?

There’s no doubt a lot of recruitment consultancies will say the same thing as we do. But the proof is in the pudding, Our partners have an unrivaled track record in building successful businesses and our consultants have an in depth and breadth of experience few can match, making us the perfect one stop shop for all your staffing needs.

We are unique in offering payroll/payment services, recruitment and consultancy solutions all from one organisation, so we control the whole process from start to finish. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as every one of our people is a stakeholder in the business, they all have a vested interest in ensuring we deliver the right candidate every time.

Quite simply, it all adds up to a better way of working.

Your Partner

As your recruitment partner, we are aware that we are acting on behalf of your company and that a poor service can reflect badly upon you.

Any candidates we source on your behalf will be both known to us and fully interviewed with regards to the position and the company in order to assess their interest in the role and their suitability for it.

We qualify them in depth to discover their requirements in terms of package/rate, as well as their motivations for seeking work and are only submitted with their express permission.

Personal or Professional

Currently there’s a real polarity between the consultancy options on offer. The big players, whilst often offering plenty of process and infrastructure, tend to offer a one-size-fits all service. Conversely, while the smaller independent firms can provide the personal touch, they don’t have the strategic know-how or resource to fulfill the needs of large, complex client requirements. We are proud to offer a third way. Medium-sized and with all of our staff being experienced in working in their particular field and are also stakeholders in the company, we think we have the best of both worlds. Our highly experienced team of consultants has the expertise to deal with the most sophisticated resourcing solutions. And just as importantly, the person who sells you our services is the person who delivers them.

Let’s Talk

Whether you want a quick opinion, or a full description of our various service options, are just curious or want to introduce yourself, feel free to get in touch