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Who we are

International recruitment and consulting company.

We are an international recruitment and consulting company with offices in London, Abu Dhabi and the Isle of Man. This allows us to provide real time services globally, wherever you are based.

These allow us to provide real time services globally, wherever you are based.

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Since 2013 we have been helping contractors make the most of their potential, placing candidates in prime roles and assisting them with all back-end administration services. As you will find, we are different from the average service company as each of our contractors becomes an Associate of our company, reaping the rewards of our unique bonus structure, thus leading to long term strategic partnerships all round.

Low cost recruitment services  to both client and contractors

We offer low cost recruitment services to both client and contractors. Reducing margins allows our clients to increase revenues whilst resting assured that they are still being presented with the very best candidates. For the contractor, increased rates ensue, thus building a relationship which lasts for years.

International payroll services in over 150 countries world-wide

We will take on the burden of understanding what individual countries require and keep that knowledge up to date, so you don’t have to. It takes the pain out of setting up international payroll and allows you and easy transition to bring the payroll back in house should you require that in the future.

Worldwide recruitment

Our Clients

International recruitment, consulting and payroll company

Our clients are generally end clients looking to hire for contract or permanent roles and employment agencies looking to recruit or place candidates outside of their usual jurisdiction. We also work with companies who wish to access our group consulting expertise and payroll companies looking to enter new markets.

Real time services globally, wherever you are based

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